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Canada-Wide Shipping
Canada-Wide Shipping


How does delivery work?

  • Our order cycle ends Sunday at 11:59 pm. Delivery takes place on  Wednesday or Thursday. You will be notified once your order is filled and the delivery date set via email. There could be some exception in regards to Dairy and Freshly Baked goods, as we want to get those to you as quickly as possible, so delivery could occur outside of the window mentioned above. 

Are all your products local?

  • We aim to only offer local area producers with the exception of products that are only available locally on a seasonal basis, or those we are not able to source from a local provider. 

I forgot something in my order, now what?

  • We are adding new items daily, if you wish to add something to your order, submit a new order and use the discount code #forgotsomethinggood! As long as the added items are submitted during the same order cycle, all your items will arrive at the same time. 

Why did I get a refund?

  • We work with many small vendors, with limited stock. Occasionally item's become unavailable. If we can't substitute with a complimentary item (with your approval) we will refund the amount paid. 

I was missing an item in my order?

  • Occasionally we miss something when packing. If this happens kindly let us know as soon as possible and we will make it right.

You are missing a great local business that I know of?

  • Great! Please reach out and let us know and we will work with them to have the products added.