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About Us

Update April 23, 2020
I have lived in the community for just over 10 years, and have done business here for over 15. I have 3 kids, and strongly believe that this is the absolute best community to raise a family in. I am the hockey and dance mom and spend my time when not practicing physical distancing balancing my business and playing chauffeur.
Over the years the businesses in this community have been outstanding in supporting our local schools, charities and teams. More than anything I wanted to support them, but quickly found it wasn't so easy. Making separate trips out to the baker, beekeeper, maple syrup shack, soap maker, candle maker, etc isn't easy. I know some of these vendors did the majority of their business with the restaurants that closed down, or will be selling through the upcoming farmers market season, the status of still unknown.
My local markets is a one stop shop for all our lovely local businesses.
Fill you cart, try new products, discover new vendors and their stories. We will deliver the items to your doorstep. 
Support those who have supported our community for all of these years and get the items to keep your family fed and entertained.
I have been busily working on the site over the last few days, with the help of my family. There are still some bugs to work out, and items to add but I am pleased to say we are ready for orders!