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Sunflower Oil Boxed Set

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The Kricklewood Farm Infused Oils Boxed Set contains one of each of the popular Infused Cold Pressed Sunflower Oils: Garlic, Roasted Chili, Lemon and Basil.  Total of four 100 ml bottles.   You won't find a more intense flavour in any other infused oil. 

  • Garlic:  add to mashed potatoes for an amazing side dish, use to flavour seafood pasta or simply toss with popcorn when serving.
  • Lemon: drizzle over steamed veggies,  use to sauté fish or add to baking for a zing of citrus.
  • Basil:  use as a base for a spring salad dressing or toss with veggie pasta.
  • Roasted Chili:   drizzle over pizza or humus, toss with popcorn when serving.  

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