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Plant Lady Embroidery Kit

If you want to try hand embroidery but don't know where to start, this kit will provide everything you need and walk you through making this beautiful scene, step by step. This kit is designed for a beginner - with a little patience you will be able to stitch this impressive-looking pattern! You will learn many popular hand embroidery stitches, and make an embroidery that could be hung anywhere in your home or given as a thoughtful handmade gift.

The kit will include:
• fabric with pre-printed pattern
• 5 inch embroidery hoop
• 2 needles
• DMC embroidery floss in the colours pictured here
• instructions on how to stitch your own hand embroidery

***Note that this includes supplies to make your own hand embroidery, it is not a finished product. But I do have plenty of finished hand embroideries in my shop so don’t hesitate to check them out if that’s what you are looking for!