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Delicious mustard made in a 190ml jar from our local vendor Mrs. McGarrigle's Fine Food Shop.

Classic Wholegrain 

Mrs. McGarrigles was inspired by the mustards of France and created this medium grainy mustard with a just a hint of sweetness. It’s relaxed, subtle and delicious and will quickly become your go-to-mustard for just about everything! 


Mrs. McGarrigles's Oktoberfest mustard is one of the mildest and smoothest mustards they make! Both creamy and light, it’s made with cider vinegar and honey and is reminiscent of your traditional honey dijon variety – but with a twist! Try it as a classic compliment to a grilled sausage 

Chipotle Lime 

Bright and light, Mrs. McGarrigle's Lemon Dill Mustard is perfect with fish and white meat or in a traditional mustard vinaigrette! A subtle blend of fresh lemon zest, dill and wine vinegar means this mustard is crisp, tangy and delicious! 

Dark & Stormy Mustard

Mrs. McGarrigle's newest Dark + Stormy mustard is made with Bermudian rum, ginger beer and lime.