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Kenji Black Garlic


We are proud to have perfected the amazing  balsamic and subtle sweet molasses flavor that you taste when you bite into a clove of our carefully prepared  Canadian black garlic. 


Loaded with polyphenols and flavonoids, black garlic contains amazing health benefits. Black garlic is known to have at least twice the amount of antioxidant properties than regular raw garlic. Studies show that consuming black garlic lowers high cholesterol and acts as an anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity and anticancer agent, with neuro-protective effects. It can also help prevent damage to the liver.

It can be eaten by itself since black garlic doesn’t have the sharp pungent taste that regular garlic has, making it much easier to eat on its own. But even better, it pairs particularly well with dressings, pasta, salads, charcuterie, soups, Asian dishes, meat marinades and even desserts!