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Heritage Corn and Heritage Flower seeds


3 Packages of Heritage Flower Seeds

Love-In-A- Puff (Vine)

Flowers turn into balloon-like seed capsules, with a single seed inside each of the three compartments. Each seed has a white heart shape on it, visible after it breaks off from the capsule.


Mauve Lady Poppy 

Poppies are easy to grow and the self-sow with abandon, without becoming weedy. Simply pull up unwanted plants (an easy task) before they bloom, or better yet, let them tell you where they want to grow. They will thrive for years at a time in surprising spots, like a crack in the driveway.


Drying Ornamental Corn

Leave ears of ornamental corn on the plant for as long as possible. If the weather allows, leave them in the field until the husks are dry and papery. You can also dry ears indoors. Harvest ears. Pull back husks to expose the corn. DO NOT remove the husks. Hang ears to dry in a cool, dry, well ventilated area.