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Green Tea Cleansing Serum


Product Description

Green tea infused cleansing serum to complete your skincare routine. Made for sensitive skin, without any essential oils.


Here is a breakdown of what we used to make this awesome cleansing serum. All ingredients used in these products are from certified organic sources

· Green Tea Infused Sunflower Oil

· Green Tea Infused Hemp Oil

· Castor Oil

· Argan Oil

· Tamanu Oil

· Vitamin E


Usage Instructions

For a deep pore cleanse – Fill the dropper with serum and then empty the dropper into the palm of your hand. Massage into your face for 2 min. Place a wet, warm towel onto your face and relax until the cloth has cooled. You may rewarm the towel and repeat if you have time. Using warm water, gently clean off the oil by massaging your face with the wet towel until all of the serum has been removed. Follow up with your favourite moisturizer.

This oil can also be used as an overnight spot treatment for broken skin.