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Order by Monday September 26th 11:59pm for delivery Wednesday September 28th.
Order by Monday September 26th 11:59pm for delivery Wednesday September 28th.

Empowerment Mala


These Malas are made of pure gemstones and wood. They are hand knotted. Each has a sterling silver charm at the mid way point. The guru bead is a lava stone to add essential oils to. Each mala comes with a custom essential oil blend that has been created for that mala. The malas have created with reiki healing intentions.



Red jasper – it helps to align and bring everything into balance. The stone grounds and connects you to the earth, creating harmony. It Instills determination and courage. Helps us to understand what is blocking our path. Gives us confidence and a sense of purpose.

Aquamarine – is a calming and soothing stone. It alleviates stress, stills the mind and brings courage. Good for meditation and sleep. It enhances intuition and breaks old patterning. It dissolves self defeating programs and allows the soul to be heard. It clears blocked communication and assists in self expression

Mixed Agate – is a grounding and protection stone. Brings balance and harmony. Helps us to understand emotions. Has centering and cleansing effects (physically and emotionally). It gently dissolves anger and resentment. Heals emotional trauma. It encourages one to start again and strength and courage. Helps rebuilds self confidence.

Tourmaline – is an excellent healing and cleansing stone. Helps the body release tension. It is good for grounding. It forms a protective shield around the body. The stone is good for self confidence, diminishing fear, promoting inspiration, compassion, and tolerance. It has pain relieving benefits and boosts the immune systems

Sandalwood – it promotes energy. It increases self esteem. Use for good luck and protection

The guru bead is a lava stone. Essential oils can be added to this stove. An essential oil blend has been created for this mala.

Essential oil – Empowerment blend

Mid-way through the mala is a sterling silver/silver plated charm.