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Dream Big-Anti Nightmare Spray- 8oz

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DREAM BIG - A fearless blend of bubblegum and rainbows

This is a special release for the kids! Scent has a way of bringing comfort, whether through nostalgia or being associated with a place you feel safe, calm and loved. 

Add in some anti-nightmare magic and this can make bedtimes fun and relaxing. Kids need all the help they can get this year!

Plus, what kid doesn't want their room to smell like bubblegum!? 

8 oz (double the size of our normal sprays)

Fine mist pump

Ingredients: water, witch hazel, premium fragrance oils

*** Parents should keep the bottle away from young kids and only let a bigger kid do their own spraying when they feel they won't go overboard does smell delicious, but a little goes a long way!!!  

Avoid oversaturating children's bedding or stuffies, just a light mist is all you need (make sure to shake the bottle first to activate the anti-nightmare magic!)