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Order by Sunday for delivery Wednesday. Order by Tuesday for delivery Thursday. #shoplocal #lovelocal #supportlocal
Order by Sunday for delivery Wednesday. Order by Tuesday for delivery Thursday. #shoplocal #lovelocal #supportlocal

Divine Feminine Energy Bracelet Trio


 Each set of bracelets contains 2 size 8mm bracelets and one 6 mm size. Genuine stones are used for the bracelets. All charms are sterling silver. All beads are silver plated. The bracelets match with the malas. The bracelets have been created with reiki healing intentions. The sets are love bracelets intended for two people (mom and daughter, sister and sister, etc). The trios match the malas yet are of a different design.


Labradorite – Stone of empowerment. Embodies women’s intuition and resonates with the feminine energy. Helpful to guide women through the natural transitions of womanhood, motherhood, and menopause. A protective and grounding stone. Banishes fears and insecurities.

Moonstone – a gentle and subtle healer. Has a connection to the moon and lunar cycles connecting one to naturally rhythms (resonating with women and their monthly cycles). It is an effective fertility stone and carries the nurturing and celestial energy of Divine feminine.

Amazonite – a soothing stone. Helps to calm away worry, fear and anxiety. It enhances love and communication. Stone of truth and courage.. Opens your intuition and ground you into everyday reality.

Selenite – high vibrational stone that opens you to the higher chakras. It purifies you and repels negative energies. A calming and nurturing stone.

Rose Quartz – it comforts, heals, soothes, nurtures, and loves ones. Evokes self trust and self worth. Opens the heart and helps us connect with others. Grounds you and slows everything done so you can be kind and compassionate to yourself.

The beads are silver plated. The charm is sterling silver.