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Dill Seeds


Sold in bags with individual seeds. Count on about 10 to 15 seeds per package

If planting out of doors, wait until the last frost is gone before planting. Dill needs partial sun, but in warmer climates, full sun could damage the plant. Six hours a day is best, so many gardeners plant them on the north side of their gardens or the east side of their homes. Keep in mind dill will self seed easily, so use this to your gardening advantage when planning your herb garden.

If planting indoors, of course, you can plant at any time without restriction. Just be sure your dill plants get plenty of sunlight or have artificial light. Indoor plants will likely need support as well – either a trellis or hoop.

Plant the seeds about half an inch into the soil to get faster germination and growth. Sunlight will hasten the process.