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Order by Monday May 23rd. For Delivery Wednesday May 25th, 2022.
Order by Monday May 23rd. For Delivery Wednesday May 25th, 2022.

Creativity Bracelet Trio


 Each set of bracelets contains 2 size 8mm bracelets and one 6 mm size. Genuine stones are used for the bracelets. All charms are sterling silver. All beads are silver plated. The bracelets match with the malas. The bracelets have been created with reiki healing intentions. The sets are love bracelets intended for two people (mom and daughter, sister and sister, etc). The trios match the malas yet are of a different design.


Ametrine -is a combination of citrine and amethyst and carries the properties of both. It is a superb healer and cleanser. It brings overall wellbeing and abundance. It stimulates creativity.

Citrine – is the stone of positivity, inspiration and light. It brings creativity, motivation, inner strength, and healing with it. It also dissipates negative energy.

Amethyst – is the stone of spirituality. It enhances memory, decision making, and improves motivation. Helps to still the mind. Excellent de-stressor.

Tourmaline – it helps to ground and protect. It instills a positive attitude no matter what. Stimulates practical creativity. Forms a protective shield around the body.

The charm is sterling silver. The beads are silver plated