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Order by Monday June 27th For Delivery Wednesday June 29th, 2022.
Order by Monday June 27th For Delivery Wednesday June 29th, 2022.

Variety Artisanal Soda-4 Pack Option One


A Variety pack of Artisanal Soda's from County Bounty Featuring the following 


Sour Cherry and Mint Soda 355ml

A sweet treat, and not sour at all! Sour cherries are not actually sour, and are just one of many different kinds of cherries. We use them over ‘sweet’ cherries because we LOVE the flavour of them, and when paired with mint, you can’t go wrong. It’s refreshing, juicy and full of flavour. This flavour is in our top 3 most popular.


Rose Hibiscus Hops Soda 355ml 

This flavour has been best described as an “adult cream soda”. The rosehips and hibiscus pack a big punch and the bitter hops bring you back down to earth. This soda is light, cheerful, and has many people hooked! No other flavour, when loved, is loved as much.

Wild Grape and Ginger Soda 355ml

This blend of wild grapes and Ontario grown Concord grapes are tangy, powerful and mind-blowing. We cook ginger in with the grapes when we make the syrups, which adds a subtle ginger background note, so don’t think grape soda or ginger ale. This is in a league of it’s own!

Lavender Lemon Basil Soda 355ml

Fresh, floral, and easy to drink. I have converted A LOT of skeptics who think Lavender is meant only for soaps. The culinary lavender we use is smooth and aromatic, but not overwhelming. The lemon basil blends perfectly and we add a touch of citric acid to make your mouth smile. A great start to a great cocktail. We especially like this one with a splash of St. Germaine!