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Handmade Olive Oil Castile Soap


Pure Olive Oil soap or Castile Bar Soap has been made in the same manner since the 15th century with a full olive oil base and little else. Poured into an upcycled, glass container, this simple soap is divine for your cast iron. 

We made this olive oil soap from only premium quality 100% pure first cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the same quality we would use on our salad. 

Pair with: Our Teakwood Agave dish brush, coconut dish scrubber for stuck on foods, or for best results our eco sponge. If you use a hard bristle brush, you will wear down the dish soap faster than a sponge and might dig a hole in the middle. 

Longevity: For best longevity, do not let the soap sit in water. Gently tip the water out of the soap before putting it back on the sink or counter.