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Fizzing Toilet Powder 250g

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This powder is a great little addition to our cleaning range. So easy to use! Just scoop the amount you want into the wooden scoop (provided) and sprinkle in the toilet bowl. As the powder meets the water it will fizz and foam, while the powder is foaming just use the toilet brush to scoop the foam up around the bowl rim and then leave to do it's stuff! Leave as long as possible before flushing.

With the combination of Rosemary, Pine Needle & Peppermint Essential Oils odours will be a thing of the past and over time can reduce pesky iron staining. Each bag contains 15-20 scoops, I find that one scoop is plenty for regular use (every other day, ish!)..

Ingredients: coconut cleansers, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, sodium borate, sodium percarbonate, epsom salts, rosemary, peppermint and pine needle essential oil, green mica

Cautions: Please ensure these are kept out of the way of children and pets, as they are not water based the ingredients, although biodegradable and septic safe, are not safe to be ingested.