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Canada-Wide Shipping Available
Canada-Wide Shipping Available

Chocolate Covered Bananas 100g

by nud

Craving chocolates and soft candies but, want to avoid sugar and weird ingredients? Us too! That’s why we created our own indulgent chocolate covered bananas.
We created the first chocolate covered banana that has only two ingredients (yes two!!) and no shellacs, glazes, or sweeteners.

These have a thin 100% dark chocolate and cacao coating. Because there are no sweeteners in the chocolate, we don’t suggest sucking it off, or letting it melt in your mouth for a long period (it will be bitter), unless you are hardcore like that! We like to chew these so the cacao mixes with the sweetness of the banana.

Keep away from direct heat and high temperatures, as the chocolate coating will melt.

How To Use
These are chewy and addictive and best eaten right out of the bag.