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Cherry Tomato Seeds


Sold in bags with individual seeds. Each seed/plant produces hundreds of tomatoes. Count on about 8 to 10 seeds per package.

When planting outdoors, cherry tomatoes should be planted in small groups (3-4 seeds per hole) at about three feet apart. When the sprouts come through the soil, thin the plants to one per position and when the plants get a few inches high, add a stake or training trellis to keep them upright.

If growing indoors, you’ll want to use the same planting method in pots about the size of a large coffee can (roughly a gallon). Tomatoes have fairly deep roots and need a lot of nutrition, so you’ll need enough soil to support that. Your tomatoes will need to be grown in direct sunlight once the sprouts appear and will require watering every other day once the plant is established. Again, supports or tomato cages will be needed.