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Order by Monday May 23rd. For Delivery Wednesday May 25th, 2022.
Order by Monday May 23rd. For Delivery Wednesday May 25th, 2022.

Calming and Uplifting Mala


These Malas are made of pure gemstones and wood. They are hand knotted. Each has a sterling silver charm at the mid way point. The guru bead is a lava stone to add essential oils to. Each mala comes with a custom essential oil blend that has been created for that mala. The malas have created with reiki healing intentions.


Amethyst – is a stone of spirituality and higher awareness. It stills the mind. It supports sleep, alleviates depression, and insomnia. Excellent de-stressor. It enhances memory, decision making, and improves motivation. Repels negative energies.

Lepidolite – it is nurturing and calming. It works to open and unblock the upper chakras for healing. It carries only positive energy. It helps to alleviate depression as it helps us to break old patterns and release ourselves. This stone encourages independence and achievement of goals.

Sandalwood - promotes energy. It increases self esteem. Can also be used for protection.

The guru bead is a lava stone. Essential oils can be added to this stone. An essential oil blend has been created for this mala.

Essential oil – Soothing Blend

Mid-way through the mala is a sterling silver charm.